“Occupation” refers to any activity that occupies our day.  Our children engage in lots of occupations including but not limited to play, engagement with peers and adults, and academics such as reading, writing, and math.  Our children sleep, eat, learn and participate in self-help skills such as dressing, grooming, bathing.  Our children participate at school and in individual and group sports.  When there is difficulty getting these occupations complete, there may be a concern.  Occupational therapy finds out where the difficulties lie and works to close the gaps in development so that our children can be successful with all their occupations.  

We provide the following services for our occupational therapy clients:

         Occupational Therapy Evaluations​​

                   Evaluations at TOP Pediatric Therapy are very thorough.  We use a variety of standardized assessments that assess gross,                      fine, visual and sensory motor abilities.  Our evaluations include: 1.5-2 hours for a hands-on sensory motor evaluation and                        a 45-60 min parent conference. 

        Individual Occupational Therapy

​                   Our occupational therapy sessions are individualized based on the findings of the evaluation.  Each session focuses on the                        areas of development that were found on the evaluation to need extra attention.  Our sessions include the following                                  modalities based on the needs of the child.
                   Individual therapies utilize the following treatments: 
                            • Activities of daily living/self help 
                            • Gross and fine motor activities 
                            • Sensory motor integration therapy 
                            • Interactive Metronome(R)
                            • Social play/interaction 
                            • The Listening Program(R)
                            • CranioSacral Therapy

         Group Occupational Therapy

                   Occasionally, we find that group OT sessions work better for our clients’ schedules and therapy needs.  If you are interested                      in learning more about OT group opportunities, please contact TOP Pediatric Therapy or speak with your evaluating                                  therapist.     

         Parent/Caregiver Training

                   Each session ends with 5-10 minutes of training for parents.  The TOP Pediatric Therapy team feels that it is important to                          help parents and caregivers understand what has occurred during therapy, answer questions about therapy and provide                          feedback about their child's success.  It is important that what happens during therapy can be understood and carried over at                    home.  Our team is also available via e-mail or phone when parents have questions.

Here are some of the common diagnoses we treat with occupational therapy at TOP: 

​                                 • ADHD / ADD                                         • Pervasive Developmental Spectrum Disorders 
                                 • Autism Spectrum Disorder                    • Feeding Difficulties
                                 • Behavior Issues                                    • Cerebral Palsy
                                 • Developmental Delays                          • Hypotonia
                                 • Down Syndrome                                   • Handwriting Difficulties
                                 • Rett Syndrome                                      • Neuromuscular Disorders
                                 • Dyspraxia                                               • Oral Motor Delays

​                                 • Gross Motor Delays                               • Sensory Integrative Disorder

                                 • Lack of Motor Coordination                   • Traumatic Brain Injury

What is occupational therapy (OT)? 

Common Diagnoses Treated in Occupational Therapy